What we did

We developed a custom CRM system that has the following functionality: user can create a task and attach it to the Manager, Assistant, person Responsible to it, payment generation, ability to send invoices to Contacts (client) by mail or e-mail. If the invoice is not paid during the specified time, a payment reminder is sent to the client. A warning message is then sent to remind the time of the Legal liability for not paying the contract. The system also generates reports on the overall work of the enterprise and for each employee about the hourly work done and the fixed work and the tasks assigned to them.


As a result, we have a fully adapted system for Australian lawyers with many functions: customer accounting, control of the work of managers and all employees of the company, payment templates, reports, graphics, and more others. The functional ability of the app to accept, collate, store and modify data helped save time and efforts which led to a more efficient way of doing business for our clients.


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  • Python
  • Django
  • React
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Java Script
  • Graphene
  • PostgreSql

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